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Instruction and Tours

Some opportunities to learn from nigel

Nigel travels widely to instruct a variety of classes and to present at special events. If your club or organization would like to arrange a class with Nigel, please contact us for more details. 

Scroll down the page for annual events with links


September 25 Forward Stroke class, Seattle
September 26 Finesse your Stroke class Seattle
contact for details


April 11 Kayak Finesse class, Seattle
April 12 Fine-tune your Forward Stroke class Seattle

July 18 Kayak Class Svendborg Denmark
(point65denmark@gmail.com  Telefon: +45 60 72 39 00)

July 19-25 Ærø, Denmark, Havkajakroernes Sommertræf. Danish Sea Kayaking gathering... come for classes and for tours.

Nigel Foster Kayaks, Whisky16, Misool, Raja Ampat, IndonesiaPlan ahead for 2021

January-February 2020 Nigel was guest guide again with Millekul Adventures in Raja Ampat, Indonesia again. Millekul ran 3 trips with Nigel this year each for 2 weeks.Check out Millekul Adventures and watch the short video. Using Point65 Whisky16 Tourer kayaks, and great camping equipment. Plan ahead for January 2021.


Jan-Feb Kayaking in Misool, Indonesia in January and early February. Nigel is guest guide to two of Millekul Adventures trips and will be offering 3 trips with Millekul to Raja Ampat again in early 2020! It's an amazing place with outstanding rock formations, ancient pictographs and a coral reef wonderland!

February 22-24 Sweetwater Kayaks has their annual sea kayaking symposium. Sweetwater Kayaks is now in it's exciting new location in St Petersburg FL.

March 30-31, Washington's Hole in the Wall club has 2 "Finesse your Strokes" classes at Bowman Bay with Nigel

April 11-18 Pagaia club in Catalonia Spain has a symposium with classes for 3 days, followed by paddling tours along the Catalonia and French coast.

April 27-28 Paddling Finesse and Forward Stroke classes at Golden Gardens Seattle. Contact me for details

June 15-16 Portland Kayak Company
Classes with Nigel and Kristin
                Directional Control
                Mastering the Forward stroke
6600 SW Macadam Ave
Portland, Oregon 97239

June 29 Fun class at Leipzig Germany with Kanu-Funsport

July 6-7 Happy classes in Holland at Zeirikzee with KanoZee

July 13 Classes in Stockholm with Point65

July 14 Class at Goteborg Sweden with Lilla Bommenskajak

July 20 Kayak Class, Denmark Svendborg

July 21 Denmark Clinic Kerteminde Kayak Klub

July 22-28 Danish Kayaking Symposium in Sweden. Nigel will be offering classes from 23-27 July

August 24-25 Stockentreffen Event, Orust Sweden

September 12-15 Bay of Fundy symposium Canada.

2020 Jan-Feb Kayaking in Misool, Indonesia in January and early February. Nigel is guest guide to two of Millekul Adventures trips and will be offering 3 trips with Millekul to Raja Ampat again in early 2020! It's an amazing place with outstanding rock formations, ancient pictographs and a coral reef wonderland!



Hole in the Wall club
April 1. 2017 (ask also about 2nd April)
(contact the club for details)

East Coast Paddlesports Symposium
April 21-23, 2017
James Island County Park
871 Riverland Drive
Charleston, SC 29412

Portland Kayak Company
Classes with Nigel and Kristin
27-28 May 2017
                Directional Control
                Mastering the Forward stroke
6600 SW Macadam Ave
Portland, Oregon 97239

Learn from Nigel in Germany in June
Request details from
mail : info@outdoor-lukas.de

20-22 October 2017
Mid-Maine Paddle Rendezvous
with Sea Cliff Kayakers


Directional Control Class and Forward Stroke Class
Seattle, 24/25 October 2015

If you want to improve paddling skills, why not join Nigel for Directional Control and Forward Stroke classes this fall? Nigel will go into the finer details of how to get the maximum effect with the minimum effort from your paddling.

Saturday will focus on Direction Control, Sunday on the Forward stroke.

Fun, informative and no stress! Contact us for details. (nigel@nigelkayaks.com) or 206-706-5306.

2015 saw kayak classes in Taiwan and China, together with Florida, South Carolina, California and Oregon. If you are interested in classes in those locations next year, 2016, contact me for details.

Surf and coastal Paddling
October 10/11 2015

A "Hole in the Wall Kayak Club" offering, this is a two day class on the Pacific coast of Washington at Hobuck beach. Places available until full! Contact Hole In the Wall Kayak Club for details of this weekend.


Portland Kayak will host Nigel's classes on 20/21 September 2014. (That's Portland Oregon, not Portland England.)

Join Nigel in South Carolina for the East Coast Paddlesports and Outdoor Festival at Charleston from 11-13 April, for some warm water instruction.

Get ready for warm winter water at Sweetwater Kayaks Florida with Nigel February 2014!

Join us at Portland Kayak Company (Oregon) for 2014 classes!

March 29/30 at Portland Kayak Company, Willamette River location. (shown above).
September 27/28. Call Portland Kayak Company for more details!

April 2014.Visit with Nigel at South Carolina, James Island in Charleston, for the East Coast Paddling festival 2014!
Nigel will be presenting over the weekend of 11-13 April, and teaching classes.

May 30-June1st. Pacific Paddling Symposium, Victoria BC


Join us at Portland Kayak Company for Classes June 2013

Saturday     8th June  Directional Control. (Willamette River, Portland)
Sunday        9th June  Mastering the Forward Stroke. (Willamette River, Portland)

Tuesday      11th June Coastal Paddling Clinic, Oregon Coast  (surf/coast)
Wednesday 12th June Coastal Paddling Clinic, Oregon Coast  (surf/coast)

Reservations required... Details and reservations at Portland Kayak Company

phone PKC 

January 12th    Forward Stroke Class... finesse your technique
at Green Lake Seattle,


Portland Kayak Company in Oregon held a 2012 Directional Control class in October in sea kayaks. Contact Portland Kayak for details of the next opportunity.

Florida, February 2012, Nigel instructed at the Sweetwater kayak symposium
and also gave his "From the Mists of Time" slide presentation.

... then went off in search of manatees


 Spain April 2011. Sea kayak symposium on the Costa Brava.

Nigel was instructing at San Diego's Aqua-Adventures Symposium at Mission Bay March 2011! Fun on the water, live music around the beach fire... fireworks across the bay... (Photographer Michael Franklin peers from left... he's currently working in China)

Nigel and Kristin were in Florida instructing and presenting at the Sweetwater Kayaks Symposium, February 2011! Having moved premises to a great waterfront location, and skipping the 2009 symposium, Sweetwater Kayaks was set up in the new symposium location in time for 2010.


Nigel instructed at the West Michigan Sea Kayaking Symposium 28-31 May 2010
(image Florida...) He also gave his "Stepping Stones" slide presentation and signed books...

thanks to all concerned!

Some 2010 dates with Portland Kayak Company... April 10/11 (in Portland, directional control) June 12-13. (kayak control in Portland) followed by June 14-15 (on the Oregon coast...) October 2/3 (in Portland) more info?

Charleston SC. Nigel will be presenting and instructing kayaking classes through the 20th canoe and kayak festival at James Island Park, Charleston, 15-18 April 2010. Enroll on classes through the County Park web-site.


Venice and Italy 2009

Nigel and Kristin were instructing and leading tours in Italy, May 31- June 7th 2009. Thinking about 2010? Look out for updates on the bibionekayak site.
On 31st May wasbe the famous race and tour around the city of Venice. We followed this route, along with thousands of others from around the World, and would love to have you along another time!
For more information about that event (which you can tie in with bibionekayak) check the Vogalonga site After Vogalonga was a menu of watery visits to historic towns, restaurants and classes with Nigel and Kristin on the warm Adriatic Sea or the sheltered lagoon on the other side of the sand-beach island. The event culminated in the 2nd Italian International Sea Kayak Symposium and the 1st Blue Lagoon Kayak Marathon. Why not join the fun?

Story with photos; Capalonga 09        Nigel's blog entry on Swimmers in Venice

(Click here for 2008 story with photos and check out here for Nigel's blog entry.)

Portland River Company in Portland Oregon
host several weekend and day courses each year with Nigel and Kristin, including directional control classes on the calm waters of the Willamette River, moving water classes at Deception Pass and coastal classes on the Oregon Pacific coast. See dates and course descriptions. (06 images and 07 images)
And a video clip of Oregon Coast 2009 on YouTube.

Some 2009 dates...
June 13, Directional control (Portland) June 14, Blending Strokes (Portland): , June 15-16 Coastal Paddling Oregon.
Image by Joel Rogers

Sweetwater Kayaks of St Petersburg Florida will be holding their Paddling Symposium from 24th-28th February 2010. This will be an all-embracing symposium including not only the usual sea kayaking, but also offering classes in open canoe, sit-on-top fishing, and paddle-boarding. Check out  Sweetwater Kayaks for more details!

Aqua-Adventures of San Diego California run a great symposium at the end of March or early April each year withskills classes on flat water, surf sessions on the coast, live music around the evening fire-pit and a host of fun instructors from around the world.
Meet Nigel at the next symposium,  March 2010!

Always a good event for meeting new people and making connections.  Instructors and friends headed south after the 2008 event to play along Jen Kleck's favorite local coastal playground in Baja Mexico...

(Photo by Axel Shroever)
Check out Aqua-adventures web site for symposium or for Baja details.

Also see Nigel's tongue-in-cheek report of Baja 2009 on his blog entry!

Iceland 2008!
Nigel and Kristin visited Iceland late May and early June 2008! Check out Kristin's blog entry for some different aspects of a wonderful and special visit!

Charleston South Carolina is a great place to be in April! Nigel offers classes and presentations at the East Coast Canoe and Kayak Festival on James Island, April 17-19 2009.  For more details check out the "Charleston County Park and Rec. Commission" site. 2008 saw a wonderful festival with a great crowd of fun people taking classes, attending presentations and test-paddling kayaks. I can't wait for the 2009 event!

Orust Kayaks Sweden....

is one of Nigel's "must-go-to" destinations. He visits every summer. Why not take the opportunity this year to enjoy five days touring the west coast archipelago with Nigel and Kristin?

We'll choose interesting places to camp on the islands, work on new paddling skills and fine-tune old ones as we travel north.

Orust kayaks coordinate these tours. There were two West Coast Tours in 2008 in August followed by the west coast Sweden weekend paddling festival on the island of Orust. We will be running a tour in 2009 immediately prior to Stockentraffen at Orust Kajak.

Seattle Area Classes run periodically with the Seattle Mountaineers Club.  Contact Seattle Mountaineers for details.

...some past events

Ocean River on Vancouver Island BC hosted classes April 13, 14th and 15th 2007. There was also a slide presentation on Friday April 13th by Nigel and Kristin on sea kayaking with Ice Bears, with donations applied to the WWF specifically to help protect polar bears.
Ocean River has already expressed interest in having Nigel back next year... please let them know if you would be interested to attend skills classes, surf classes or rough water classes. (1-800-909-4233, or  mail@oceanriver.com)

Kano and Kajak Butikken, Charlottenlund Denmark May 17 2007
click on www.kajak.dk

Kajakhotellet Copenhagen Denmark. On the morning of 18th May 2007 Nigel offered an on-water class with Kayakhotellet, with the opportunity to test-paddle Point65 Kayaks with Nigel Foster during the afternoon.  There are some photos on the Kajakhotellet site. (Kajakhotellet sells both Point65 and Nigel Foster kayaks.)

Scottish Sea Kayak Symposium, Isle of Skye, May 07

After the event, exploring the local area.

Norway "Hav Padle Symposium 07", (Bergen area, organized by Njord, June 1-3).

Together we can do it! Part of a "Fun with Foster" class.