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nigel kayaks. That's what he does.

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welcome to nigel foster's site!

About kayaking and canoeing, riding waves in the surf zone or on the river,  cruising the edges of seas, oceans, lakes and streams.  We hope you'll enjoy this site, whether you're a seasoned paddler or an armchair enthusiast.

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baffin island kayaking back in 1981 solothe first circumnavigation of Iceland by kayak
Baffin Island 1981Iceland Circumnavigation 1977

All you need to know about kayak technique;

from a kayak

On Polar Tides
Arctic Adventure,
by Nigel Foster

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Kristin Nelson, nigel's wife and kayaking partner, makes
 the colorful KriKri and VIT ceramics at  KriKriStudio

Rainbows across a cave in Faroe Islands

Rainbows in the Faeroe Islands. (Click image for the index to some of Nigel's trips)

kayak surfing in Washinton State USA

Nigel surfing Westport WA.

If you don't know nigel, or know who he is, you can find out a little about him on the "about nigel foster" page, where we have also included less-known details for the amusement of those who do know him. There's a photo gallery index too.
Enjoy, and please come back soon!

Alligators keep you alert on the Florida rivers

Alligator (Myakka River, Florida)

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Aland Islands kayakers take an evening break

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