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"Faeroes 1980" is an account from the "Canoeing Magazine" of UK, 1980, about a trip Nigel took to the Faeroe Islands with a group of teachers from East Sussex UK that year. George Hartwig from Germany requested this account, which when published appeared with three maps but no photos.

"Sea Kayaking below Sea Level" was published in Sea Kayaker Magazine ten years ago... 1979. Nowadays we are perhaps more aware of rising sea levels than falling ground-water shrinking the land until it rests below sea level. But if we have rising sea levels maybe in future we'll all have the opportunity to kayak below sea level? A taste of things to come? Check on Delft.

Oct 07... Listen to the podcast interview of Nigel by Simon Willis on Sea Kayak Routes.

Read Nigel's article about Dubside, titled "Going Commando; a walk on the wild side with kayaking's man in black"... Adventure Kayak Magazine Vol 7, issue 3, Summer 2007.

Read about Nigel in Swedish... see the P
rofile about Nigel in issue 4, 2007 of the Swedish UTE magazine.

You can read about Nigel's and Kristin's New Zealand trip in the NZ "Sea Canoeists Newsletter" February-March 2007. For more about the newsletter and kayaking in NZ, check out the KASK Website

Leaning to roll the easy way... (this article was published by Watertribe Magazine....)

Sea Kayaker Magazine published "In the Realm of the Polar Bear; Labrador Expedition" in June 2006. Here is a fuller version of that story with added images;