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                                                       The twin-tow.. a great piece of kit for creating a tow-point beneath the hull of a kayak for stability and directional control, or for clipping two kayaks together.

Paddle Bags

Lightweight deck bags (this example is yellow on Kristin's rear deck) to secure your spare paddle, yet leave it accessible when you need it.

No more scratching your deck or blades, or losing a spare paddle in the surf zone. The bags also offer easy handling of your splits on dry land...

Available in yellow, and blue.

Towing systems

You'll find a couple of Nigel's tow-line systems in the stores, produced by Extrasport. One is a stand-alone system, the other a retro-fit accessory to PFD's, such as the Nigel Foster Explorer 2 by Point65, or the earlier Extrasport Retroglide Sabre, which have belt loops and a storage pocket that will accommodate the tow-line.

Both these tow systems use webbing in place of line. Webbing can be quickly flat-coiled for stowage and uncoils cleanly and rapidly for use.

The stand-alone system, the Extrasport NF 2.0, is lightweight, floats and the webbing stows easily into its mesh storage pouch. It s a waist-tow system. Nigel's ingenious "easy-tracking" system allows the tow-point to run from hip to hip without pulling the release buckle from its position at the front, making it easier to locate whenever a rapid release is needed.

The integrated tow-system, the Extrasport NF 1.5, quick-releases from either of two hip-located release tabs. You can use either left or right hand to release.

The webbing flat-coils into a pfd pocket, so the system is always at the ready whenever the pfd is worn.