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Videos and presentations!

Also find Nigel's video presentations and clips at

Vimeo Nigel Kayaks


Nigel Foster YouTube channel

The color of water expained by Nigel Foster on YouTube

The color of water explained in this video on Nigel Foster YouTube channel

Rips and undertow are beach and surf hazards, nigel foster video on YouTube

Learn about rip currents, undertow and along- shore currents on Nigel Foster YouTube channel.

The AIR paddle and Nigel Foster GS explained on YouTube video

Nigel Foster explains his signature AIR and GS paddle on YouTube

How to use transits explained on YouTube by nigel foster

Here nigel explains one way to use transits, using a simple slide show

Learn to launch and land from a dock

Learn how to launch from a dock

Nigel Foster crashes Whisky16 on rocks in Mexico

YouTube... Rock-hopping La Bufadora, Baja with nigel, 2010

Nigel Foster explains the magic of the Whisky16 Sea Kayak from point65
Nigel describes how the Whisky 16 works.

Paddling Florida spring fed rivers

Nigel Foster; Florida Manatees 2010

Nigel Foster sea kayaking on the Oregon coast

Nigel Foster Oregon Coast 2009

kayak rock-hopping in Baja Mexico, Nigel Foster

YouTube video of rock-hopping Baja 2009

Sea Kayaking in Venice Italy with Nigel Foster

YouTube video of Sea Kayaking in Venice Italy in Vogalonga 2008

Michael Franklin photogapher captures Nigel Foster and friends in Pacific Baja

Michael Franklin Photography YouTube video of Nigel and friends rock-hopping in Pacific Baja 2008

Playing with a pink cappuccino with Kristin Nelson

Fun with a Pink Cappu- ccino!