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On Polar Tides
Stepping Stones of Ungava and Labrador
books by Nigel Foster

Extra resources for the books. Maps show all the places named in the text. Color Images are referenced to the chapter or page in the book. Bibliography lists reference books and documents used in the research. Baffin Island offers more about the 1981 trip than is revealed in the book.

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In On Polar Tides Nigel Foster has reworked the material from his earlier book Stepping Stones, adding more dialog and color photographs. On Polar Tides is published by FalconGuides.Cover of Nigel Foster book Stepping Stones about Arctic Canada

about the books...

In 1981 Nigel Foster flew to Iqaluit to start a solo kayak trip south toward northern Labrador. A magical trip, but things went awry crossing Hudson Strait, resulting in several hours battling a tide race in the dark before a bruising landing on Lacy Island in the Button Islands. Now Foster, with frostbitten fingers, was 300 miles from the closest village with no way to communicate with the outside world.  Eight days later, with unimaginable good fortune, he spotted and hitched a ride south on an oil tanker.

In 2004 Foster returned to northern Labrador with his then girlfriend (now wife) Kristin Nelson. Launching from Kuujjuaq in Northern Quebec the couple paddled Ungava Bay to the place Foster had boarded the oil tanker 23 years earlier. From this remote location, the couple completed the trip to Nain that Foster originally planned for 1981.

The story of the two trips forms the backbone for "Stepping Stones" and the more recent "On Polar Tides". They offer an insightful view of Ungava and Labrador, exploring historical stories about settlement and relocation, the early days of flight, hidden weather stations, missions and trading posts. 

Meeting polar bears more often than people, the couple paddled among icebergs, landed on rocky ledges to camp at night beneath the snaking aurora, and discovered the background of Inuit legends about polar bears and wind.

We hope you'll enjoy the book, so we won't spoil the story with too much detail! However, you can read a little more by clicking the links to; Baffin Island 1981 and Labrador 2004.