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Ungava Bay and Labrador 2004.

In summer 2004, Nigel Foster and Kristin Nelson traveled to Kuujjuaq in the Inuit territory "Nunavik" with the plan to kayak to Labrador.

Travel logistics
We drove 4,000 miles from Seattle to Goose Bay Labrador, where we left our car. We then flew to Kuujjuaq to begin our kayak journey.
On completing our paddle to Nain sailed south on the coastal steamer for 3 days to our car at Goose drive the 4,000 miles home.

The story is published in Nigel's book On Polar Tides and his earlier Stepping Stones of Ungava and Labrador. Extra Images (top of this page)  shows images referenced to the chapters and/or pages in the book, together with a full bibliography, maps and other supporting details.

Kristin Nelson setting camp in Ungava Bay, Nigel foster image

Nigel and Kristin offer slide presentations about this and other trips. Please contact them if you are interested to hear them speak.