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Baja 2009

March-April playtime!

We stop at a roadside tamale stand for lunch on the way to the water

where bottles of pickled olives and golden honey glow in the sun

beside the dusty road

We choose the best cliff-top location for our tents so we will wake in the morning to a view of the Pacific Ocean

A few at a time, we grab a kayak and head for the water

Russell Farrow (of Sweetwater Kayaks FL) powers toward a blowhole

while Rob Avery (Valley Canoe Products rep) reverses toward the "wet zone" of another

Along the coast the surging swell creates some fun play-spots between the rocks... there are kayakers in the background here

and some rock-hopping opportunities; here Rob Avery, almost hidden by spray, rises with the swell to leap the rock wall...

Arches, tunnels and caves are brought to life by the waves

Russell takes a break on a deserted beach

Following the dusty road to the dustier footpaths up the hill we pass road signs painted on the ends of oil cans

to look down on the tuna fish farms

run by Maricultura del Norte

Off-path hiking is not advisable... it's rather prickly!

although since some rain last month the desert is in bloom! It's the first time I've seen these hill looking green....

and there are flowers blooming everywhere

The brilliant  flower colors are mirrored at the nearby tourist trap

where we feast on freshly cooked tacos and Mexican beer

Phil scary Hadley searches for a mask to hide his hung-over face... I'm sure his wife will approve!

Russell (left) follows suit.... (that's Phil on the right) and thank you Jen Kleck (center) of Aqua- Adventures for laying on this fun excursion!

See also "kayaking without reason" on my blog....